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A Swedish Massage encourages relaxation of the entire body by using long gliding strokes. A Deep Tissue Massage uses greater pressure focusing on deeper layers of the tissue to release chronic muscle tension in specified areas of the body.
Deep Tissue Massage should not be painful but some guests may experience slight discomfort at times depending on the tightness of the tissue, please note, as the guest ---receiving the massage-- you are responsible to inform your Therapist at any time during the session if you experience pain or discomfort to allow the Therapist to adjust technique and/or pressure.
After receiving the massage a guest may experience slight soreness but it will eventually dissipate within a couple of days.
Once a month is ideal, we live in a stressful and constantly moving society, so taking the time to invest in your health and moments of peace will make it all worth the while.
It is preferred that you disrobe in order for your Therapist to address any tightness discovered in the muscle. Please note that during the session only the body part that the Therapist is attending to will be exposed. At all other times the guest is completely covered by sheets and/or blankets on the table. It is completely the guest's decision to disrobe to their level of comfort and modesty.
Absolutely! Package Deals are available and you can purchase Gift Certificates in $50, $100, or $150 amounts.



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Upon your arrival an Associate will welcome you to our unique space and escort you to the Wait Lounge.
Once you complete your Health Intake Form, the Associate will introduce you to your Therapist and offer you a complimentary weighted hot towel wrap. Your Therapist will review the information you provided and inquire about your session goals and expectations.

Your Therapist will use quality massage creams and oils to allow for ease of technique.
You will be fully covered throughout the duration of your session with the sheets and/or blankets on the table.
Note that only the body part your Therapist is attending to will be exposed. Periodically your therapist will check in with you throughout your session to ensure that your comfort level is met, in regards to pressure, technique, and temperature.

Your Therapist will inform you that your session has ended and will leave the Treatment Room so that you are able to redress.
Once you redress and gather your belongings, your Therapist will meet you at the Welcome Area and offer you a bottle of water to rehydrate. Your session includes 10 minutes for transitioning --this is the time you take to undress and redress before and after your session, respectively.